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Introducing our dyno

Dyno area

 DP-Engineering is delighted to introduce our Dynapack chassis dynamometer, the first of its kind in the Netherlands.

Our Dynapack 4000 is a 2WD chassis dyno capable of controlling continuous loads up to 4000 NM of axle torque, that transfers to around 1100 WHP.

The Dynapack is similar to a rolling road but directly couples to the vehicles wheel hubs. This means there are no problems associated with tyre/roller slip, increasing the safety and accuracy of measurement!

This is perfect for analyzing faults only apparent when driving under load and tweaking the engine for maximum power output under all operating conditions.

The equipment is able to measure in real time the engine torque, air intake temperatures, turbo boost pressures and importantly the air/fuel ratio; HP is calculated and, with the help of a weather station automatically, corrected to DIN standards.

Cooling capacity

Often a neglected, yet, very vital, part in dynamometer setups are the facilities to cool then engine during dyno testing. An engine introduces a tremendous amount of heat when holding it under full load at high engine speeds. Insufficient airflow thrown at the car means the engine warms up beyond normal operation temperature; accuracy and repeatability of measurements becomes an issue... not to mention safety for the engine integrity itself.

To insure sufficient airflow we have two one meter diameter fans with up to 30 KW cooling capacity. They can produce a measured airflow of 42 m/sec (150 km/h) over an area of 1.20 x 0.5 meter! Furthermore there are large diameter extracting fans ventilating the entire dyno room with fresh air eigth times a minute!

Citroen DS on the dyno

When deciding for a dyno location to tune your car or have your engine management system calibrated; Keep in mind that time spend waiting for an engine to cool down to normal operation temperature before the calibration can continue is wasted money out your pocket!

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